Wooden Spice Rack – Practical And Beautiful

Cooking food without spices is just cooking food which will fill you up, but not really entice you. Spices enhance any dish and if well used it makes a big difference to your meal, right down to it’s appearance, aroma and taste. Thus the need for a wooden spice rack to hold those much needed spices.

Everyone cooking simple to complex meals will use some sort of herb and spice to add to the quality of the dish. A spice rack is meant to help you pick out the right spice for your dish and it saves you a lot of time which you might spend searching for a particular spice.

A wooden spice rack is a spice rack made of wood. It comes in different shapes and sizes. It all depends on individual style and taste. It can be mounted on a shelf or it can be a stand alone, which can be moved around as you please.

Wood is a readily available material; it is therefore easy to find a wooden spice rack in any departmental store. It is not costly and it will last you many years. You can also make one at home. You will need to buy a few materials, plywood for bottom, top and side panels, nails and wood glue.

The length of the wood will be proportional to the size of rack you want to build; this will reduce the amount of cutting that will be involved. Once the wooden pieces are together, you assemble them and fit the side panels to the top and bottom panels. Once the glue has dried, you now finish off with sanding and painting. Your wooden spice rack is ready for you to arrange your spice jars on it. Remember to label the tops for easy identification.

There are other things to consider when planning to build a wooden spice rack at home. The space where you will put the rack will determine its size; you will need exact measurements before you start.

Do you also have the basic carpentry skills? Not everyone can drill holes in walls or cabinets without damaging them. You might not want to take that risk.

Will you make any savings? Considering the time it will take you, it might end up costing you more than you expected in terms of lost hours or other duties. Will you have to neglect other things while you work on your wooden spice rack?

However, you can just as easily buy a ready made wooden spice rack from a store. They are available everywhere and all you will need to consider is the design, which will suit your needs and the budget you will have allocated for it. This might make you visit a few shops, or spend some time on the internet shopping and researching, but it will save from making mistakes in your choice.

A wooden spice rack is a great addition to any kitchen. It is beautiful, especially when it is filled with jars with different colored spices and herbs. It can take on any shape, such as a carousel, or a spiral design, which all look good. It is no wonder that in most modern kitchens you will find a wooden spice rack incorporated in them.

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