Why Consider Hair Weaves for Thinning Hair?

hair weaves for thinning hair
If thinning hair is a big problem and you have tried the various shampoos for hair loss, you might be wondering what to do next. Obviously, there is the possibility of getting a hair transplant, but before going down the surgical route, hair weaves for thinning hair can be a great alternative. This has many of the advantages of a transplant without being a permanent solution which will appeal to many.

So what exactly is a weave? There are a lot of different ways of adding to your natural hair that are called weaves. Things like the increasingly popular hair extensions would fit in here. These don’t all fit into the category of hair problems and solutions either.

Many chose to add to their natural hair to make it longer or perhaps add a touch of color. Of course, anyone who is going bald isn’t necessarily going to be interested in the fashion side of things! It’s good to know then that a weave can also blend in naturally with your hair to compensate for any thinning you might experience.

How does a weave actually work? The idea is actually quite simple and can be done in a hair salon. The stylist will simply blend or weave hair into your own, usually as close as possible to the scalp. In extreme cases of thinning hair, the new hair can cover the entire scalp, something like a wig. The difference is that the weave is attached and blended in with your own hair, making it far more natural-looking. It is certainly a far cry from those wigs of a year or two ago which looked like there was a small rodent sitting on top of your head!

The extensions or weave can be attached using different methods and it is worth taking the time to see which method suits your particular hair. Strands can be bonded directly to the hair with copper links for example, which gives a nice, natural look. Other possibilities are using glue or even sewing. For those with hair that is naturally weak (common in thinning hair), it is a good idea to remove glued extensions after ten days or so to avoid weakening the follicles.

There are two choices when it comes to the hair you choose to have added, either human hair or artificial. Human hair is more expensive, although it is going to look slightly more natural and won’t tangle as much either. With the synthetic alternative you can find a much greater choice of styles and colors.

Recent materials are difficult to differentiate from real hair, so the natural look shouldn’t be a problem. In fact, the type of plastic tends to make the hair appear more shiny, which will be an advantage for some. If you make the choice of real human hair, try to match the origin with your ethnicity-this will improve the result.

Another advantage of a weave is that is open to anyone. Although hair transplants for women offer the ultimate solution to deal with hair loss, unfortunately women with thinning hair are often not good candidates, making this generally one of the better hair loss solutions for men. You don’t even need to have long hair either. Extensions can be fitted on hair that is as short as three inches for example and adding volume is just as easy.

A weave, whilst not staying forever, can last for 6 to 8 weeks without being changed. It is a relatively lengthy process and involves sitting in the salon for a few hours while your hairdresser works on you, but it is neither dangerous nor painful. Even if you decide not to renew the experience after a month or two, you will still need to go back to get the weave removed by a professional.

Hair weaves add a new twist to solutions for embarrassing hair problems. This is a longer-lasting treatment than using a foam or cream that has to be massaged into the scalp every day. Hair weaves for thinning hair let you really get some thickness back without surgery too. And the beauty of this method is that you can change look as often as you like without risking any further damage to your hair or scalp.

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