Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Walk off the weightYou ask yourself “Why can’t I lose weight?” Think about it for a moment. When you wake up, the very first thing that you think about is food. You run to the fridge and grab a pop for that little morning boost that is needed.

Next you make some pancakes and load it down with tons of syrup and whip cream. Then later you get frustrated as you get on the scales and weigh yourself. You’ve been doing a lot of exercise and increasing how much you walk every day. Still, it isn’t helping. The reason why is because of what you are eating.

Stop drinking pop

First, stop drinking pop. People love having some kind of extra energy in the morning that will help with their day. Instead of having pop, drink some coffee. Coffee is not all that bad for you and it will give you what you need.

Not only is coffee good for energy, but it has been noted that it can even help with any allergy or sinus problems. So, having a cup won’t hurt you. However, don’t over indulge yourself and have five or six cups a day. If you stick with one or two cups that’s fine, but don’t go over two cups.

I know that’s hard for coffee lovers, but remember, if you put sugar and other things in your coffee, it all adds up. Then you won’t be asking yourself “Why can’t I lose weight?”

What you eat for breakfast

Now, lets talk about what you eat for breakfast. Most people grab that cereal box and pour lots of cereal in it without realizing that cereal is not healthy for you. Most cereals are actually really high in carbs and calories. There are even some cookie cereals out there that you should avoid when you are wanting to lose weight.

The other thing you should stop doing is having pancakes, waffles and even french toast. That’s loads and loads of sugar and is not healthy for you. Not only that, you’ll soon start feeling tired and lazy because of the “sugar overdose.”

Start your day off right with some healthy food items such as eggs, sausage, bacon and even a salad. Then you won’t be saying “Why can’t I lose weight?” Having an egg salad first thing in the morning will help give you that extra kick you need.

When you are trying to lose weight, always remember that you can do it with proper eating and of course some sort of exercise. If you are reading this thinking that you can’t give up that pop or you can’t give up your favorite breakfast food, chances are you won’t! Think to yourself “I can give them up” and you will be surprised at what happens!

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