What Are The Best Shampoos for Hair Loss?

Shampoo for hair loss
Hair loss can be a very real problem for many people. It leads to loss of self-confidence and can be socially embarrassing. It is a common misconception that nothing can be done to slow down or even stop this process, but this is simply not the case.

Shampoos for hair loss can be very effective and make a real difference, giving a thicker appearance to your hair and making it much less likely to fall out. Here are some of the things that you should be looking out for in this sort of treatment.

Thinning hair is a common cause of concern for both men and women. Hair loss solutions for men and women exist, although they can be slightly different. Finding a shampoo that works for your particular situation should be the first step. This is one area where science has made some great strides forward in the last few years. Rubbing various arcane concoctions pushed by snake-oil salesmen used to be about as good as it got when trying to deal with baldness. Fortunately that is no longer the case.

There are obviously a certain number of prescription medicines that treat hair loss. However, there are many choices that fall between hair weaves for thinning hair and having to go to see your doctor. The key is to try different shampoos that rely on different active ingredients and combine this with a couple of simple tips that will strengthen your hair.

You should remember that hair loss is not always about the hair and treating the scalp is a key part of the process. Sometimes massaging the scalp can already make a difference. This simple step encourages blood flow to an area of the body (the scalp) where it is lowest. It will make a shampoo more effective afterwards too.

Starting out with a menthol shampoo is a good first step. Again, this will stimulate the scalp. Combining this with other cleansing ingredients for the scalp is certainly going to improve your hair.

Some things to check out on the label would be aloe vera, panthenol, silicone, saw palmetto, jojoba oil, niacin, gamma linolenic acids and zinc. Now you are unlikely to find all of these in one product (although it is certainly possible), but various combinations do exist.

Of course, the underlying cause of hair loss is also a factor in which treatment option you chose. Whilst hair transplants for women might be necessary in some cases, for men with male pattern baldness the issue is generally levels of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). This hormone is responsible for several different things and unfortunately one of them is hair loss, particularly for men.

Although it can be necessary to follow medical treatment to really deal with this, in many cases something else can be tried first. Saw Palmetto, for example, makes it difficult for the DHT to bind to the hair follicles and can certainly slow down hair loss dramatically in certain cases.

The next step for both men and women is to try something a bit more powerful. Again, there is an over-the-counter solution here. The products that use Minoxidil as their active ingredient have been shown to treat the various forms of alopecia. It is generally available in both 2% and 5% solutions.

Users report at the very least much slower rates of hair loss and in some cases, hair re-growth. In an easily-available product this has to be good news! This isn’t a difficult product to use either. It comes as a foam or liquid that you just massage into your scalp twice a day. This new hair growth can help to hide balding patches and makes a huge difference for many sufferers.

Whilst all sorts of hair problems and solutions exist, baldness can be a big one for many, simply because it is something that the sufferer must put up with every single day. Unfortunately, a lot of people are simply not aware that there are some excellent products out there that make a real difference. This latest generation of treatments is backed up by some solid science as well.

So before looking at an option like a hair transplant or weave, trying some of the shampoos for hair loss that are out there could be all you need to deal with the problem.

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