Wedding Photography Prices – 3 Ranges In Photo Prices and an Alternative Way

There are 3 sets of Wedding Photography Prices, and an alternative, making it 4 sets of prices that you would be looking at. Now, just remember, these prices are an average you should be looking for, anything to high, and you should wonder why you are being charged so much. After you read this article, you will walk away with an idea of 4 different price ranges. Ranging for super cheap to super expensive.


If you are on a very tight budget for your wedding, then going the low route might be the best option. The price of the low option is usually anywhere from $1000 – $1500.
This would normally include just the ceremony and scenes leading up to the ceremony as well. This phot shoot will typically last about 2 – 4 hours, depending on the photographer.

This price usually only consists of prints, or an online gallery you can share. Normally you will be able to ask for a few CDs and DVDs will the photos on them to hand out to various guests.


This type of wedding photo shoot would costs about $1500 – $3000. It would be for quite a bit longer, and usually span at least 2 locations. This normally would include several prints of the wedding, all professionally done up in albums.


This can be anywhere from $3000 and up. There have been costs of over $11000 for wedding photos. It really depends on the type of package you want; how many photos, albums, and locations covered in the shoot.


Now, there are alternative solutions to high scale professional photographers, and that is either family members not involved in the wedding, or a semi-pro, amateur wedding photographer.

The relative or friend is probably the cheapest bet, but wouldn’t do as good of a job as a pro, or even a semi-pro photographer. If you can find a semi-pro photographer, then snap them up, they will usually work for quite a bit less.

The only thing is they usually don’t do prints, but will usually give you CDs and DVD’s full of pictures; some of them might even give you the memory card all the pictures are located on.

Now that you have read this article, you understand that there are 4 main Wedding Photography Prices that you will find. The low range, the medium range, the high range, and the semi-pro range of prices. Honestly, it all really just depends on what you want in your photo packages, the more you want the higher the price ranges are going to go. The reason for this is; the more pictures you want, the more photographers will need to be there, which in turn increases the price quite a bit.

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