Untreated Yeast Infection

I know a lot of people hate using cream and medications when they have a yeast infection. However, if you have an untreated yeast infection, you could be causing and putting your body in a lot of harm.

If you have an untreated yeast infection you might kick in the sympotmatic pains and make it a lot worse, thus it will take a lot longer to also heal. The burning and itching will increase and you will feel a lot more uncomfortable. You will not be able to engage in sex comfortably and will be limited on what you wear.

You could also create other infections like a blood condition that is called sephis. When you have sephis, you could possibly die. Sephis is a spread of bacteria in your blood and it is a very deadly condition to be in. Even teenagers are at risk of getting this if they don’t get treated right away with their symptoms.

Another thing that could develop is vulvovaginal candidiasis. If you have over three yeast infections a year, you should contact your doctor. They will need to test you because it’s not normal for someone to have so many.

Leaving a yeast infection untreated is a lot more trouble then its worth. That’s why whenever you start seeing the signs, you should get on it right away and nowadays it’s so easy treating a yeast infection that there’s really no excuse to let it go. Even if you don’t like the cream, you still have other options out there that will help you. Most people know when they have a yeast infection but if you have any doubts, stop being a chicken, get over your fears and see the doctor. That is all that you can mainly do in a situation like this.

If you don’t want to treat a yeast infection because of money, you shouldn’t have to be afraid anymore. The creams usually cost under five dollars now depending on where you get the creams from. The herbs and juices don’t cost that much either. Also, yogurt is under two dollars so when you are out, you should go ahead and plan on buying some yogurt.

You want to live a very happy and carefree life, but you won’t be able to do that if you just let the yeast infection continue because you will be feeling real uncomfortable and totally miserable most of the time.

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