The Ultimate Female Dilemma – Thinning Hair In Women

Thinning hair in women has become a common dilemma and females across the globe are seen stressing over the loss of hair. Several reasons can be attributable to thinning hair such as hormonal changes, improper diet, rapid weight reduction, heredity or stress. Women are likely to experience this dilemma some time in their life’s although it is most common amongst women above the age of 40.

The symptoms that accompany the hair loss in women are quite easy to identify. You will simply be seeing a lot more hair on the floor, on your pillow cover, on your bed rather than on your head. Several women complain that hair fall is greatest at the time of washing the hair or during combing out tangles. A few areas on the scalp are more susceptible to hair fall than other areas and these include the crown, the top or the area above your temples. These few areas are probe to androgens and DHT that ultimately results in the hair growth to fall drastically while also making the existing hair thin. The end result is that the scalp that becomes more visible day by day.

Hair fall is a major problem and therefore it is recommended that any symptoms are identified as soon as possible so that the required treatment can be undertaken. Delaying the medical procedure would simply enhance the hair fall. Women are likely to experience hair loss if they are genetically prone to balding through genes transmitted from both the parents. Women are more likely to experience hair loss when they undergo periods of stress that come about as a result of personal problems or financial issues. Moreover, lack of vitamins and unhealthy diet could result in severe hair fall and therefore women must ensure that their diet contains the proper amount of supplements and nutrition’s.

Hair loss treatment for women is quite common these days as the problem has intensified owing to hormonal changes and increased level of stress. Most of the treatments tend to focus on natural methods such as increased level of meditation, proper diet and breathing and relaxation exercises. Intake of organic foods is highly recommended so that if a woman is suffering from any sort of hormonal imbalance or malnutrition, the intake would easily remove the problems. Moreover, exercise is highly recommended for those that are suffering from hair fall. Exercise and proper rest are essential for any woman that wants to get rid of the hair fall problem. In case the hair fall is due to lack of supplements it is recommended that you consult a doctor or a nutrition who can provide you guidance on the right intake of supplements that is required by your body. Last but not the least; remember that stress can cause severe damage to hair growth. Learn to enjoy life and keep smiling. The last bit of advice would go a long way towards solving your dilemma.

Apart from the natural treatments, surgery options are also available for women that are facing a severe case of hair fall. Hair plugs are quite popular these days and are stated to be quite efficient in the treatment process. Transplantation takes place whereby follicles from the scalp that contain health hair are grafted to the scalp where the hair fall problem is taking place. This method of treatment has vastly improved over the period of time and the results are quite astonishing. It is pretty impossible to distinguish treated scalp from the natural hair scalp.

Thinning hair in women has become a common problem and nowadays many women stress over this issue. Although, you must remember that taking on more stress is not going to solve the problem but it would rather make it worse. It is recommended that if you see the symptoms of hair fall you undertake few of the natural remedies such as meditation and exercising on a regular basis. However, if the problem does not go away then it is recommended that you see a specialist that is able to identify the root cause of the problem and suggest a solution. Do not forget that hair fall is easily reversible if proper care and effort is expended.

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