The Magic Of A Magnetic Spice Rack

Magnetic Spice Rack
Are you an organized person? Do you love to cook? Sometimes do you find yourself with many recipes, requiring different type of spices? Then you are among many people who have a kitchen full of spice jars almost spilling out of your kitchen drawers and no magnetic spice rack nearby.

Then comes a day when you need a particular spice right in the middle of your cooking and you start rummaging through jars, tins and bottles to find it. You find that you will either give up on this spice and use something similar, or give up on it all together while putting it down on your shopping list for next time.

However, at the back of your mind, you know you have bought it and used it before; it’s just that you can’t find it. You know you didn’t finish it, you have it somewhere. This feeling will nag you for sometime and will find you searching for a solution.

A magnetic spice rack is a good solution. It neatly holds all your spices in place and at a readable angle so that finding spices is much more simplified. The under cabinet spice racks is created at home using magnets and few screws with a drill. You buy the magnets and jars which have magnetic tops. Then decide where the spices will go. Maybe under the shelves, at the side of your fridge or a corner of your kitchen worktop, hopefully not far from the cook so that they will be within reach.

The space will determine whether you attach the jars directly or if you use a base (something that is made of steel to attach the magnetic jars.) You can use an old backing tray and attach the magnets on the back side in a row or pattern that you want the jars to follow. Fill in your jars, label and secure the lids. All you will have to do is attach them to the base and they stick neatly, ready for when you want to use them.

There is a wide range of ideas for a magnetic spice rack. They come in a variety of designs and you will be spoiled for choice. Whether you decide to buy an already assembled one, or assemble one at home, the choice you make will only be limited by your imagination!

How about making one as a great present for a loved one? You can be sure it will be much appreciated by anyone who loves to cook! Everyone has some spices in the house, many will have a whole collection of herbs and spices as everyone tries to cook great meals, whether one is an occasional cook or mothers who spend most hours of the day in the kitchen whipping up something nice to eat.

Even a simple meal of spaghetti Bolognese will require some spices to turn it from a dull dish to a lovable one. That’s why spices are found in all homes.

A magnetic spice rack will help you organize the kitchen and make spices readily available when you need them. They are practical and once you use them you will find it hard to do without. Most modern kitchens will have a spice rack already installed and all you will have to do is find magnetic jars and magnets to attach them to and you are ready to enjoy your cooking!

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