Some Simple Hair Loss Solutions For Men

hair loss solutions for men
How often have you been told that going bald is just part of the aging process? That you should just accept it and move on? Now this might be great advice when you are well into your retirement years, but what about at forty, thirty or even in your twenties? There can a very real social stigma attached to going bald, especially when it happens far sooner than you ever thought. Are there really any hair loss solutions for men that deliver on their promises?

Obviously there is a certain inevitability to what is known as male-pattern baldness. Unfortunately, that has led many men to think that it is something that can’t be treated or that it just a question of genetics. This is a huge blow to self-esteem and is something that is not always easy to live with. So what other factors can cause hair loss in men?

Everything from stress to using certain hair-coloration products can be damaging. Find the origin of these hair problems and solutions become much easier to find as well. Reducing stress where possible can only be beneficial and it is important to do this in order to get the most out of shampoos for hair loss for example. Keeping your hair clean and brushing regularly is also important.

Once any underlying factors like stress or dirty hair and scalp have been removed, the next step is obviously getting the best possible hair loss solutions for men and finding one or more which is going to make a difference to you. There are basically three steps:

1. Local treatment with shampoos or other chemical solutions
2. Get a weave
3. Get a hair transplant

Of course, it makes sense to start with number one. There are some excellent treatments that work on hair loss for men. Even using something simple like aloe vera lotion to massage the scalp is a good start. After that, you need to try some of the more potent formulas on the market designed specifically for male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia).

These products work by reducing the effect of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This hormone unfortunately reacts with natural oil in your hair to shrink hair follicles and thicken skin on the scalp. This accelerates hair loss, but also reduces replacement hair growth.

So what are these chemical products? The two major ingredients tend to be zinc and vitamin B5. After that, the key element is usually minoxidil. The over the counter remedies using this active ingredient have scientifically supported evidence of reducing hair loss and even promoting growth, although exactly how it works isn’t really that clear as yet. These products can generally either be taken in pill form or come as foam or cream to rubbed into the scalp daily.

Of course, for those who have a more advanced case of hair loss, this might not be enough to reverse things. A weave or transplant is going to be necessary. Whilst hair transplants for women are considered almost immediately by many sufferers, men tend to hesitate. Why is this? Sometimes it comes back to the idea that men should just accept going bald gracefully. And for some men, they don’t like to be thought of as vain. This is a pity, because a hair transplant or a weave is a permanent solution to the embarrassment of hair loss. Modern surgical techniques make this an extremely straightforward procedure too, and the results look just like your own hair.

Imagine the boost for your confidence with a full head of hair for the first time in years! In fact, hair weaves for thinning hair give a natural-looking solution without the constant maintenance of some chemical formulations.

Given that a quarter of men in their twenties have already experienced some hair loss, it makes sense to deal with it as soon as symptoms become apparent. The days of resorting to terrible comb-overs are thankfully in the past.

Starting with natural remedies rubbed regularly into the scalp is wise and then try the various chemical products as a next step. For a majority of those having problems, this will be enough. Even if it doesn’t do the trick, more permanent hair loss solutions for men like a weave or transplant are easy and far from major surgery nowadays. This will also mark end to any more hair loss problems.

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