Rose Bush Care – What You Need To Know When Taking Care of Roses

Roses are beautiful, delicate flowers found in a wide variety of types and colors. If you are passionate about growing roses, there are a few things you must know to be successful.
rose bush care
– How much water do rose bushes need? –

Roses need a lot of water. You must be careful however not to over water them. Too much water can leave the roots shallow and unable to absorb nutrients from the soil. Excessive water may also clog up the soil, causing poor aeration.

Roses should be watered enough to have a sufficient amount of humidity in the soil, yet keep the soil loose for proper aeration. Do not water the leaves. Humidity on the leaves washes away any insecticide and promotes disease. Roses should always be watered at ground level.

It is best to water rose bushes deeply 3 times a week rather then sprinkle every day. Early morning is best, later in the day will only cause the water to evaporate faster, leaving the soil less moist.

– How much sunlight do rose bushes need? –

Roses need the maximum amount of sunlight available. An ideal location would be an area which provides at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. When full sunlight is not available, an area with partial shade would be sufficient. Never plant roses in an area with partial sun or full shade, as they will not survive.

– What kind of soil do rose bushes need? –

When taking care of roses, soil that is high in nutrients is necessary. Nitrogen rich fertilizer should be used in the beginning stages to aid in the growth of leaves and roots.

Fertilizer rich in phosphorus will promote healthy growth and beautiful flowers. Only use phosphorus rich fertilizer when you first see buds appearing.

Potassium rich soil will promote over all growth and help roses become resistant to disease.

It is wise to give rose bushes a healthy amount of fertilizer in the spring, then once a month until it frosts.

You can find pre-mixed fertilizer at most stores that carry garden supplies.

– How important is weed control? –

When caring for your rose bushes, it is good to keep in mind that weeds will slow down the growth of your roses. Weeds rob water and essential nutrients from the soil, starving the rose plants.

It is a good idea to spread a layer of organic mulch around the base of the plants. This will help prevent the growth of weeds.

Organic mulch is by far the best to use because it will decay over time, putting more nutrients into the ground.

What is organic mulch you ask? It is nothing more then a mixture of rotting vegetables and fruit.

– Do I need to prune my rose bushes? –

Pruning should be done once a year, normally at the end of winter. This helps eliminate any dead or diseased plant pieces, making it a very important step in caring for your rose bushes. Dead blooms also need to be clipped throughout the growing season to make room for new growth.

Be sure to always cover the ground around your rose bushes in the winter to keep the roots from freezing.

Rose bush care is not difficult if you know what to do.

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