Pole Dancing Moves – Basic Exercise Technique

If you had done your homework about Pole Dancing and have learned a few exercises then you are ready to do more pretty moves or moves mixed with the basic exercise techniques. These pole dancing moves are pretty, sensual and fun. You will surely enjoy it and may even prompt you make your own original moves.

Would you like to know some of the moves I really like? Try the following and if you like them, you can master them for better performance. Even have fun doing different varieties. They are; Inversion Moves, Leg Hook Moves, and Climbing Moves.

Inversion Moves – it refers to the way you hold the pole. You Hold it inverted for better grip and more comfort for doing the moves. Inversion moves have different styles such as Hand Stand Pole, Open V, Open side V, Back Bend, Salsa Twist, Inverted Snake Move, and Sliding Dismount Move.

Leg Hook Moves – as with it’s term leg hook, you are using the power of your legs to perform this move. It helps improve your leg muscles, flexibility and strength.

You will love to try the following Leg Hook Moves such as Leg Kick Move, One leg Extended Move, Double Leg Extended Move, Two Leg Hook, Two Leg Stand Pole, One Leg Squat, Two Leg Squat Move, Twist and Stand Move, Push-Up Crawl Pole, and The Double Leg Hook Move.

Climbing Moves – helps improve all your body strength, stamina, flexibility, and most importantly your balance. This move may sound hard but after a few practices, you will learn to love it. I consider this pole dancing move a total body exercise, yet fun and even done in a very sensual way, yet very challenging. You will love it for sure.

I suggest few climbing moves, but if you are an advanced or professional pole dancer, creating your own variety of climbing moves is fun. Try the following climbing moves such as; Basic Climbing Move, Short Climb to Sit Move, Long Climb to Sit Move, Snake Move, and even Sliding Dismount Move.

But beware of the following precautions, no rings or any kind of jewelry. Those must be out of the way. No lotion for a better grip and perfect momentum. And of course you need to be fit physically to do pole dancing exercises, moves, spins and twist.

Take note that body friction and grip are vital to do pole dancing moves gracefully and sensually.

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