Photography Packages – 4 Of The Most Common Ones

The Unforgettable Photograph 228 Ideas Tips and Secrets for Taking the Best Pictures of Your Life
The Unforgettable Photograph: 228 Ideas, Tips, and Secrets for Taking the Best Pictures of Your Life

Marketing photography is easier if the service is defined in photography packages. Professional photography is offered in tailor made photography packages which are meant to suit most circumstances. For example, wedding packages, family portrait packages, events packages and engagement packages.

One is not necessarily tied to a particular photography package, you can add on to it, say increase the number of portraits, include a choreographer in a photo session, or mix studio and location photo shots.

Photography packages are also subdivided in categories that have different prices just to increase their flexibility. The most common photography packages include:

Wedding packages; this can also be subdivided into silver, gold and platinum. Silver being the least priced package contains about a hundred printed pictures, a framed photo of the couple and an album; all other prints are stored in a disk for future printing.

Gold package has about three hundred printed photos, three framed photos and a cd containing the other pictures.

A Platinum package has more then five hundred prints, a choreographer, framed photos and many other incentives like free transport, free reprints, all meant to attract the client to this most expensively priced wedding photography package.

* Family portrait; this photography package is meant for all members of a family taking photographs of themselves and this is mostly printed and framed. These will be treasured portraits and are found in most homes.

The packages include location photographs and studio photographs. Family portraits capture important events in a family life, the birth of children, the going to school pictures and school pictures, the graduations and later the weddings of the children.

* Events photography packages; different events require specialized packages. They could be marketing a campaign or it could be a multiple project covering many events of the same theme. It could also be a corporate event like a Christmas party, or end of year parties.

Events packages include the price for the time taken during the event, the professional editing and printing of the photographs and presentations. The cost varies with the event and location and the time taken including the consultations.

* Engagements photography packages; meant for engagement parties and events, they include the consultations, the photo sessions and editing and printing of the pictures.

An engagement is a happy and memorable event, many people want to capture it and keep the memories for many years, hence the big engagement parties and the photos that accompany them. Some packages include the engagements and wedding packages combined for a better deal.

Photography packages are meant to offer the best possible combination of photographs that cover an event, highlighting the major activities in it. The pictures are of the highest quality and are preserved for a long time. Therefore most photographers will try their best and capture the best moments and do a professional job.

The care and equipment used is normally of the best quality and they therefore are not cheap. If something is important to you, you will find the right company and be willing to pay a good price for your photos.

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