Plus Size Renaissance Wear

Whether an ideal Halloween costume, or a Renaissance Faire Participants costume; plus size renaissance wear will be sought for these purposes.


The renaissance style of corset and long flowing skirt which is worn over chemise allows anyone lady of a plus size to wear it comfortably and freely, while maintaining an elegant look. Perhaps this explains why the ladies who lived in the 16th century never needed to worry about their weight sizes!

The gown itself was made of heavy fabric and would have been tiring for a skinny model to wear working around the home the whole day. The footwear is also in the form of boots, made of leather and laced up to the thigh. When normal shoes are worn they were reinforced by shoe buckles.

Pirate Wench costume

Today plus size renaissance wear is made of lighter fabrics. Instead of heavy cotton, polyester is used and is lined with soft materials for extra support. It is used for
ceremonial purposes and as costumes, meaning that it is worn once or just occasionally. Using this type of fabric allows dressmakers to come up with beautiful gowns in many colors that fit plus size people.

These costumes are authentic and of high quality, therefore making them expensive. A complete outfit can cost you nearly one hundred dollars so many people go for the option of renting the costumes, making the maintenance, cleaning and storage of the costume the dressmaker’s burden.

In a plus size renaissance costume collection, one is likely to find almost everything that people wore in that time. There are different colored medieval Irish dresses; this is a long off the shoulder and long sleeved white chemise worn with a burgundy overdress with boning in the middle for support where it laces up over the torso with a black string and gold grommets. This was worn by maidens.

There are peasant skirts which are found in many colors. These are worn with a corset and are available in plus sizes. A lady costume is styled differently with velvet material and a bodice that draws much attention to the tiny waists. The flower designs are golden and the headpiece is made from the same color and material.

Men Robin hood

The men wear renaissance shirts and breeches or pants. You can also find v-neck peasants shirts with a red sash worn around the waist. A cape is another renaissance costume that is popular for men and is worn with a long pointy hood.

Whether it is being worn for fun or as a costume for actors and actresses in a serious movie role, plus size renaissance clothing is used to transform ordinary dressing to the medival times.

History is re-lived as we marvel at how our ancestors lived their lives with great divisions of roles for every member of the society. The way the clothing gave identity to the wearer and the pride with which everyone took in their roles,
plus size renaissance wear
is readily available and can be made on order and delivered.

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