Natural Remedy For Yeast Infection

People mumble and complain that they have a yeast infection and they don’t want to use medications for it but feel like they must in order to help heal it, that is not so. There are several options when looking for a natural remedy for yeast infection. These ways can help heal yeast infections without using any kind of cream. They are also cheap and almost any one can afford to do these natural remedies.

If you like cranberry juice, go out and get you some. Cranberry juice has been known for generations to help heal yeast infections. If you don’t like the juice itself they now have cranberry capsules. These capsules are great because you just swallow them down and they don’t even have the cranberry taste to them.

Start having some garlic every day to help fight the yeast infection. You can have a raw clove and chew on it once per day. If you don’t like having it raw, you can put it on your salad or in some sort of dinner dish that you make. They now have a garlic herb capsule that you can swallow. These capsules help a lot because they also don’t give you bad breath.

Another thing that really helps heal yeast infections fast is plain yogurt. Even if you don’t have a yeast infection, plain yogurt will still help you. Yogurt has a lot of ingredients in it that is good for the body. Not only does yogurt help with yeast infections but it can also help to stop boils.

Find some gentian violet. It can be found at most pharmacies. All you do with gentian violet is gently put it on the area and swab at it a couple times a day. Sometimes you just might need to use it once. Gentian Violet has been known for many decades to help stop yeast infections and other kinds of various infections.

Depending on what kind of yeast infection you have, you might be able to use vinegar and tea tree oil. However, before you use these you must be 100 percent sure that you know for sure what kind of infection you have. Don’t assume that you can use tea tree oil on any kind of yeast infection because you can not.

There are also lots of recipes that you can find online that will help you if you want to use herbs. These recipes that you find online usually work because a lot of times the person posting it has tried it themselves. You can also visit and research sites online for more natural remedy for yeast infection if you don’t want to use any herbs.

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