Medication For ADHD

When someone is told that they have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder aka ADHD, they get overwhelmed because they don’t fully understand what it is. It’s simply a chemical imbalance that can be fixed with having a proper diet and taking medications, plus support from either family, friends or your therapist.

A lot of people have ADHD now and because of it, new studies are being done. Most of those new studies have brought some real positive results.

Thanks to these new studies, you can enjoy life without having to worry so much because there is a variety of medication for ADHD for you to chose from and talk about with your doctor.

At first, there wasn’t a lot of medicine to choose from, but because so many people are being diagnosed with it now, they had to act fast to change it.

Almost every person requires a different dosage or medicine then another person. What might work best on one person, might not on someone else. They wanted to make sure that all patients who struggle with this disorder had some kind of medication for ADHD.

One of the most debated medication for ADHD is Ritalin. Some have been able to handle it just fine while others have had complaints with it. A sister medication of Ritalin is Metadate CD. This is longer acting and has methlpehenidate.

You will find out that doctors like giving stimulants more so then medication. They are just simply treatments that might help your child fight depression and be able to concentrate throughout the day. Or if you’re an adult, it might help you focus on work so you can complete your tasks on time.

They have short and long Stimulants. The great thing with medication for ADHD is if you don’t like capsules, they also have chewable tablets, plus they have oral solutions that might work better for you.

The side effects are usually the same for all stimulants. These side effects can happen with adults and children. Some of the side effects include, stomachaches, social withdrawal and decreased appetite.

There are more, but you will need to read the side effects depending on what medication for ADHD you get.

Whenever you start having side effects, the doctor usually just changes the dosage and you will feel much better. That’s why it’s important to let them know.

They also have support groups to talk about medication for ADHD and stimulants. If you have more questions, you should think about seeing if there are any in your area or groups online that might help you.

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