Male Yeast Infection – Can Men Get Yeast Infections?

They sure can!

Some of the symptoms of Male Yeast Infection are:

* Rash/itching of the male member
* Discharge
* Blisters on the male member

Yeast infection ( Candida ) can be very difficult for a man to detect. A mans external body temperature will keep the infection dormant until intercourse.

During intercourse, the internal condition of a woman can cause the yeast to grow, producing a yeast infection. She in-turn will most likely give it back to the man without him knowing. This infection process will go on until both partners are treated.

Sexual intercourse is not the only thing that can cause male yeast infection, it can also be caused by:

* Antibiotics
* Consuming too many sugars.
* Consuming too many Carbohydrates.
* Male diabetes

To eliminate male yeast infections you must treat it. Untreated yeast infections, due to sexual activity or lifestyle, will continue to be passed between partners and can possibly become fatal.

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