Hanging Spice Rack – When You Hate To See Clutter

Hangin Spice Rack
When you hate to see clutter and like to see lots of clean lines and counter tops then you may want to consider using something like a hanging spice rack to assist you.

They are a great way for you to save space and de-clutter the home, as well as organizing all of your spices into one easy to access place.

You may come across a hanging wall spice rack, door version (where it simply hangs over the top of a door), which are great for behind the kitchen door, and there really are a lot of different kinds of these types of hanging spice rack. In fact you can even come across a magnetic spice rack which are great if you have some space on the side of the refrigerator and want to make the most of it.

There are also drawer spice racks if you are running out of space to hang your spices. Really it all comes down to your own personal preferences and choices.

Types of hanging spice racks

You can choose from a wooden spice rack, metal spice rack and even some plastic contemporary spice racks. Look at your current kitchen or store room and decide which type would fit in best with the existing design. There is even the chance to go for a revolving spice rack as well, so now there is no excuse.

Sometimes you can even find magnetic under cabinet spice racks where a strip of magnetic material is attached to the underside of a shelf (no drilling is required). This kind of spice rack is a great space saver that allows instant access, easy identification and they are normally self sealing and auto aligning. The way they work is each spice container has a filtered lid (with holes in it) and a magnet in the middle of the lid. Remove and use, replace it and it is instantly sealed.

Where to look

You can look on places like Amazon.com or Google shopping to identify the various hanging spice rack manufacturers so you can choose which one of them you like the most. With these sites you also get to see customer ratings and reviews. I suggest looking here www.amazon.com/hanging spice rack

Which version to choose

A stylish hanging spice rack or the traditional version will offer a number of shelves which could be modern or classically designed. They can be stainless steel or an “old world scroll and bolster” design. They offer a less cluttered counter top, and easy access to your most used spices or condiments. There are many kinds of kitchen spice racks you can choose from.

Decide on the spice rack that will fit in best with your existing décor and price bracket and choose the hanging spice rack which will complement it in the best way. You can find White spice racks, Silver spice racks and Chrome spice racks.

When you buy one, find one that is well received by people who have purchased it in the past. They will typically leave good reviews online, so be sure to look out for them when you are wanting to buy a hanging spice rack.

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