Growing Rose Bushes – Learn 3 Easy Tips

When you start out growing rose bushes, there are 3 easy steps that you need to take, these involve the kind of bush to buy, how to plant them, and how much sun they need to grow properly.

If you want to get those beautiful looking roses to grow around your home and yard, then you need to take heed of these 3 tips that follow:

Tip #1 – What kind of bush to buy:

Unless you want to start your roses from the buds, then you are going to want to buy a mature rose bush to start off. Basically if you want a good amount of roses, then buy a bush that is at least 2 years old. Any younger and you will still be waiting to get your flowers.

Tip #2 – What to do when planting them:

When you go to put the bush into the ground, you need to make sure that you dig a whole deep enough into the ground so that the roots do not bend when you place them in the whole.

After putting the bush into the whole, do not just put the dirt back in; add some fertilizer to the pile, and mix it in real good, then start to put the dirt back. Just make sure that you pack the dirt around the roots so they have lots to grab on to.

Tip #3 – How much sun:

How much sun should your roses get? This all depends on the type of bush you bought. Some roses will grow perfectly well in the shade, however, you need to buy this kind special, otherwise you will get the standard rose.

For your roses to grow properly, they need at least 6 hours of sun a day, otherwise you will not see as much roses, and they will take much longer for them to bloom out.

One last little thing to remember, is when the roses start to bloom, remove them from the bush, this way more and more roses will grow in its place.

With these 3 tips growing rose bushes just became a lot easier, and you will have more beautiful roses to show for it. Just make sure that you buy the right age of bush so that you don’t have to wait for roses. Make sure that you plant them into the ground properly, and make sure they get enough sun for the type of roses that you are growing.

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