Golf Tee Time

Golf Tee
Golf Tee in old times refers to the mounting of dirt or sand to elevate the ball, but golfers find it messy.

Different varieties of golf tees have been invented since 1889. The first known tee to to pierce the ground was a rubber-topped peg sold commercially as the “Perfectum” by Percy Ellis of England in 1892. In the year 1899 when Dr. Franklin Grant invented the first patent tee, he carved a wooden peg that could easily push into the ground. The top is concave to accommodate the ball’s curvature. It was know as the “improved golf tee”. But it was not reported to be out on the market.

The development of tee failed as most golfers, whether because of tradition, habit or concerns of rules, continued the use of heaps of the sand.

In 1925 it took a strong marketing effort by Dr. William Lowell Sr to get the widespread use of the manufactured tee the “Reddy Tee.” (a simple wooden peg with a flared top) Lowell hired professional golfers like Walter Hagen and Joe Kirkwood Sr to promote the product during exhibition matches. It was a success and was copied around the world and remains the most common type of golf tee.

There are factors to consider in choosing the best tee time, such as:

* How many groups? If only 4 people are to play, the best time is 7:00 in the morning. (specially if it’s summer, you will finish at the right time when it’s not too hot) You can also try to consider 1:00 in the afternoon during winter when it’s not too cold. But if you have 30 to 40 golfers it is best to consult a professional golfer for the best tee time.

* What kind of course? There are broad categories of golf courses like parkland, links and heathland. Parkland are typical inland courses resembling British parks with narrower fairways, lawn-like fairways and have many trees.

Links courses sometimes called as “seaside link” is the oldest style of golf course. It is characterized by uneven fairways, thick rough and small deep bunkers known as “pot bunkers” that are hidden from sight. And due to coastal location it is frequently windy that force golfers to play low, short and accurate shots, full of challenges.

Heathland courses are large open area, usually with sandy oil and scrubby vegetation.

* How many holes to play? You need to consider 9 or 18 holes to play. To play 9 holes give at least 4 to 5 hours to finish the game for smaller groups. For 18 holes, it could require a whole day to play, specially if in large groups. So the earlier the better for larger groups,

It is not hard to find where to play golf because there are a variety of golf courses offering packages, vouchers and discounted tee time. If golf is your favorite past time or hobby, browsing the Internet and considering the sites offers is the best idea I can suggest.

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