Golf Instruction DVD’s

Golf Instruction DVD’s
Nowadays, the power of using DVD has became very common and extremely powerful tool in teaching golf. With Golf Instruction DVD’s beginners can easily break down swing and analysis if they done it correctly. It allows the golfer to learn face to face exact steps of what they should and should not do. It will always teach you how to cut handicaps and techniques in all facets of the game.

Do you like playing golf but don’t know how to to do it properly? Here I listed a few DVD’s that can help you with your search for learning how to play golf, from basic swing to techniques for appropriate swing type for different obstacles.

Jack Nicklaus: Golf My Way

This DVD is based on Golden Bear’s famous instructional book with the same title “Jack Nicklaus Golf My Way – DVD.” This is a series of videos that Top 100 instructors selected from “Golf Magazine” and rated as the best instructional videos of all time.

It is a multi-volume series, but if you cannot find the full set, you can find two of the DVD’s that have been considered as the best as well the “Hitting the Shots” and the “Playing the Game.”

Phil Ritson Video Encyclopedia of Golf

This DVD is the only golf instructional DVD that received 10 stars by “Golf Magazine,” 5 stars for instructional and 5 stars for production value. It was produce by the founders of Ritson-Sole Golf Schools, which is considered as one of the top golf schools in US.

Phil Ritson and Mel Sole are the founders of the golf schools. Phil Ritson produced the DVD and Mel Sole is the contributor in Golf. These videos cover all facets of the game and are compiled into 11 volumes.

Phil Ritson Video Encyclopedia of Golf is a wonderful edition to any collection.

The 8-Step Swing by Jim McLean

An 80 minute video of steps from point to point. It has been broke down into 8 points, 10 minutes for each point in order to check your swing. The 8-Step Swing by Jim McLean
would be the best dvd for beginners.

How I Play Golf by Bobby Jones

This DVD was created by the first man who created gold instructional tapes in the 1930’s, which was shown in theaters. Sad to say that they are long neglected. However they were rediscovered by golfers of all skills and talent to be very useful.

If you want to learn golf, nothing can go wrong if you use this instructional DVD How I Play Golf by Bobby Jones. You can buy it individually and also in gift packages.

Lessons with Leadbetter

This video is created by David Leadbetter an uber-instructor. This is a 10 disc series covering all the facets of the game. Lessons with Leadbetter a must have for any golf enthusiast.

David Leadbetter: Simple Secrets for Great Golf

In this video David Leadbetter discusses the flaws found in “regular” golf swing and helps us “regular” golfers to figure out what to do.

David Leadbetter: Simple Secrets for Great Golf a series of lessons that are geared to recreational and amateur golfers.

Arnold Palmer: Play Great Golf

This DVD features the “King” going over golf fundamentals, the “scoring zone” short game and the right way to practice. This multi-volume set of disc’s came out in the late 80’s.

Fred Couples on Tempo

Sweet swinging Freddie is the coolest customer on the course with a tempo that can’t be topped.

Butch Harmon DVD Series

Butch Harmon DVD Series covers short shots, long shots and course arrangement. Harmon focuses on fundamentals and basics, making this a very useful video for less experienced golfers.

Harvey Penick’s Little Red Video

This Harvey’s video version of “Little Red Book” features his longtime pupils, Ben Crenshaw and Tom Kite, demonstrating the simple, straightforward tips found in the book.

The Full Swing DVD

If you are looking for a fast and effective solution to your golf swing, look no more. I found a the DVD right for you, PurePoint Golf Full Swing DVD. It teaches you how to add distance to your drives, lower your handicap and play the best golf of your life as short as 2 weeks.

This DVD had helped golfers in 36 countries hit further than before, cut 7 to 12 strokes off their handicaps and take their games to a whole new level. Plus giving you additional points to a pure golf full swing such as.

– overcome the three biggest swing-related problems
– automatically gives you the correct swing plane
– hit the ball with more accuracy and distance
– backswing that is 99% different from “average” golfer that holds consistency and distance
– simple solution that automatically makes your timing perfect
– trick to maintain perfect balance
– trick to hit the ball where you always want it to go
– how to lose the fat as well as the thin
– value of proven system behind you will find new confidence and a fresh outlook in your game.

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