Diabetic Safe Breads

Diabetic safe breads

Being diagnosed with diabetes has for many years been associated with a restriction on what one eats everyday.
A person, who is diabetic, has to control their sugar intake, grain intake and carbohydrates since their bodies cannot regulate the sugar in their blood. This is where diabetic safe breads are much needed.


Bread is an accompaniment of many meals. It is almost impossible to live without bread. A bread free diet is very restrictive and difficult to follow for a long period of time. Since diabetes is a lifelong condition that has no cure, it becomes difficult for a person with diabetes to follow a diet that has no bread for a lifetime. This has resulted in a lot research and experiment to produce a type of bread that is acceptable to people with diabetics.

Grain & Sugar Free Bread

Some bread manufacturers have substituted the ingredients in breads that have sugar and refined grains, with ingredients that are sugar and grain free making them diabetic safe breads. Wheat is substituted with almond flour or whole grain unrefined flour, sugar is substituted with sweeteners and cooking fat replaced with Soya oil.

The bread is given flavor by adding onions and garlic. Plain bread with no additional flavor is also available. So this is a good solution for people with diabetes, they can have bread just like any other person. Diabetic safe breads are also now available in most shops and some online stores that deliver right to your doorstep.

Weight Control

Another thing emphasized by the doctors for diabetic patients is the need to control one’s weight. The pressure is always on the patients to maintain their weights at an ideal body mass index. It is therefore necessary for people with diabetes to watch what they eat. There is always the need to monitor the quantity and contents of their meals. Diabetic bread therefore has low fat contents, and low carbohydrates.

Diabetic safe breads need to have a recipe that combines the health benefit of no sugar and carbs together with having no fat. The ingredients are selected with this in mind. There are now thousands of recipes that aim to create diabetic bread that covers most of the requirements a doctor will have given their diabetic patients. Therefore finding one that suits your taste and needs will not be an impossible task.

Diabetic safe breads have the same look and texture of normal bread. The difference might come in the taste of the bread. Owing to the complex ingredients in the bread, it will cost a little more than normal bread. It will also have the same shelf life and will be used by many people who are following a healthy diet for various reasons.

Many health issues are controlled by what we eat. We have found that a healthy diet will keep many illnesses away. The use of fruit and vegetables in making diabetic safe breads make it a natural choice for people who have diabetes. Life without bread is unimaginable for many. If you have diabetes you no longer have to give up on bread, it just means that you need to substitute the normal bread to a healthy and a more suitable one.

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