Best Time To Cover Rose Bushes

Best Time To Cover Rose Bushes
Rose bushes do not do well in winter. Most rose bushes will die if left in the winter climate even for a few days. The only way to keep rose bushes in the winter period is by covering them, therefore the best time to cover rose bushes is when the temperatures drops below 30.

Rose bushes are best covered so that when winter passes, they will still remain intact. Before you plant any rose bushes, you need to find out which roses are strong enough to withstand the kind of winters that are common in your area.

Some roses can only survive mild winters, some are meant to survive harsh winters with just a little extra care, you will need to develop a plant maintenance plan. Covering rose bushes is the best maintenance plan as this will protect them from frost.

Larger plants can be covered using old sheets and smaller plants can use cardboard boxes, gallon jars and inverted flower pots. Anything that is larger than the rose can be used to cover it.

Covering Rose Bushes

One week after the temperatures drop to freezing you should find a way to cover your rose bushes. Tie and prune the canes, also cover the base with about ten inches of soil. (this will freeze after some time but use cones to cover the rose bushes.)

Rose bushes should be covered all throughout the winter so that they can survive until spring. When spring time comes, it is best to remove the covering gradually as the temperatures increase. Uncovering them too soon might damage them, and undo all the work you put in covering them.

The winter period varies from place to place. Some areas that have long winters, roses bushes will be covered for almost the same period as they stay uncovered. Some places have no winters at all and the cold seasons are mild enough for the bushes to survive without needing to be covered. In these areas one can experiment with different types of roses and enjoy blending them to create a unique rose bush garden.

In the areas where rose bushes have to be covered, there are simplified ways to do this so the bushes are well protected and can survive in all seasons. The best time to cover rose bushes depends on the area and the winter periods that occur. There will be no standardized time that everyone has to cover their roses. The experienced rose growers know the correct times and it is best to follow their advice.

Growing a rose bush garden will also require you to know the best type of roses that will grow well in your area. If your area has severe frost even in autumn and early spring time, this means you will have to cover your rose bushes for long periods of time.

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