Beginners Golf Equipment Tips

Spending a lot of time and effort practicing to perfect your golf game won’t help you achieve your desired goal if you have ineffective golf equipment. So its time you consider checking the quality of your golf equipment.
beginners golf equipment

If choosing used golf clubs as a beginner, being picky before purchasing is a must. Grips, Club heads and Shafts should pass inspection before becoming a part of your golf game. Make sure the used set of golf clubs have set consistency.

For a golfer that plans to regrip clubs, a word of caution. Grips are the only contact points you can access to affect your shot. Before regripping, you should check your hands grip size and the core grip of the club. Measuring the diameter of the butt of the shaft will determine your core size grip. The grip’s core diameter should match the diameter of the shaft. Keep in mind, when determining your hands grip, the sizes range from regular, medium, large and extra large.

Consider body type when choosing the best fitting equipment to support and deliver effective backswings. The perfect fit can avoid too steep of angles.

Custom fitting golf clubs is a worthy investment. A custom fit produces golf clubs specifically designed to fit the height, swing characteristics, strength and club head speed of the golfer.

Club shaft type helps predict if you will or will not be successful in a golf game. You can choose between a graphite shaft and a steel club shaft. Make sure you realize which type will benefit your game. Professionals prefer steel club shafts while woman, beginners and seniors tend to prefer graphite.

Golf clubs must suite your sill level. It would not be wise to use just any golf club lying around. Also don’t forget you can only bring a maximum of 14 clubs to a game.

A good combination of beginners golf equipment and the right moves will help you become the best golfer you can be.

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