Altering A Recipe For Diabetic Diets

recipes for diabetic diets

Altering a recipe for diabetic isn’t as hard as you would think. To turn any recipe into one fit for people with diabetes, you will have to substitute some ingredients. The basic thing to do will be to remove all fat and use olive oil, remove all sugars and use sugar substitutes (like sweeteners) and add fiber by using a lot of fruits and vegetables. Altering a recipe for diabetic sound easy? It is easy because substitute ingredients are widely available.
Foods such as potatoes, refined wheat products like pasta, noodles, cakes and pastries are not good for diabetics. However, they can be altered. Instead of white potatoes; yams and arrowroots can be used. Wholegrain wheat or almond flour is used for baking. You can make cakes, bread, pasta and even pastry with it. Brown rice is a good substitute for white rice and is recommended for people with diabetes.

Fish, low fat meats and dairy products are also good for altering recipes for diabetics. Fish is renowned for fighting many other diseases including cancer. Salmon and sardines are best, especially when caught in the wild. There are many tasty dishes that can be made using this type of fish which makes it possible to create meals that are safe for diabetic people.

Another way to alter a recipe is to use beans and lentils, this provides the needed nutrients in the meal and it has great taste. Tofu is also added to a bean based meal to give additional proteins. Low fat cheese can also be added in small servings.

Other vegetables that are good for diabetics are spinach, kale, lettuce and celery. These are used in preparing salads which are healthy meal alternatives. When serving salads you can add olive oil dressings or herbs and spices that add a variety tastes.

It is all a matter of making the right choice when you are out shopping. If you want to make a pasta meal you may not have the option of purchasing ready made pasta from the shop, but you can buy almond flour or whole grain flour, make the pastry and cut out the pasta strips yourself at home. It takes more effort but it is possible.

Same with bread, you might find the brown bread at the shops a bit dull for your taste, so you can buy the wholegrain flour, olive oil, dried fruits or garlic and bake the bread at home. So altering a recipe for diabetic diets isn’t all that difficult. For those who hate cooking, there are specialized online stores that do all the hard work for you and deliver a lot of healthy food to your doorstep. The price goes up, but sometimes it is well worth it.

Controlling ones diet is no longer a hard task. There are many meals readily available which are cooked, frozen and sold as ready made meals. You can identify stores or hotels that cater to your taste and preference of food, then just shop or eat there all the time.

Diabetes is now common and most families will have someone who has diabetes, from young children to an older adult. This has created a whole healthy food making industry and through many experiments and feedback, they have created a variety of foods that suit people with diabetes. So Altering a recipe for diabetic has become popular and much easier to do then years ago.

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