5 Factors That Determine Photography Prices

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Professional photographers have different ways of charging for their services. Photography prices are determined by several factors, these include:

Studio packages – when you want your photos taken in a studio the photographer will charge you a booking fee for a session lasting about an hour. During this time he will take many shots of you in different positions and in many poses. You also have the option of changing into different outfits.

These pictures will be edited and printed for you. You have a variety of sizes of the portraits included in a package for a fixed price, then if you want extras like your prints in a disk or in high definition you may have to pay a little more. You get good quality photographs done in a professional environment and this makes a good bargain in photography prices.

Wedding packages – these are offered differently to suit individual needs. The photography price will include a pre wedding consultation, a professional photographer and attendance to the wedding from the beginning to the cutting of the cake. The prints and portraits will be edited for you.

Some big weddings will include two or more photographers, a visit to the bride’s home as she prepares, a studio visit after the official ceremony, a reception and an evening party. All these will also be captured on a video. These if included in a package will cost more, and the photography prices might offer some discounts like traveling costs and extra prints.

Location photography prices – this includes a call out fee, traveling fees and edited prints that can be in discs and printed copies. The photographer will expect to spend around two hours and may charge extra if they take longer.

Events packages – this is packaged according to the number of photographers needed and the time they will be expected to stay in the event. The photography price will include the editing and printing of the photos.

Commercial package – the photography price in this package is for a full days work or half a days work. It is flexible in terms of location and though some might charge traveling fees, most won’t as the distance from their studio is not normally a lot.

Photography prices are intended to fulfill individual needs. A model may want to make a portfolio which she will use to find work and the photographs will have to bring out the best in her and highlighting her best features. Therefore she may have to combine different packages such as a studio session and a location session.
She will expect high quality prints that will be taken to many modeling agencies. This means that she will also want many repeated sets of photographs in a format that can be accessed easily.

Photographs are used to capture different milestones in a person’s life, right from when you are expecting a child, (some love photos of the pregnancy) the birth and mother and child photos commonly referred to as Madonna.

As the child grows there are school photos, graduation photos and eventually wedding photos. All these will be packaged and sold as photography prices. With the advance of technology, more is now offered in terms of capturing images, storing them and eventually printing them.

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