5 Factors That Determine Photographer Prices

What would you expect from a photographer? Many people have a lot of misconceptions about photographer prices, what to expect and what can actually be achieved.

A photographer may be able to cover some spots, may make wrinkles disappear, but they will be limited by the cooperation of the subject. Adults find it difficult to fully relax in front of a camera. Their facial expressions are guarded and there is little a photographer can do despite the money you will be willing to pay for the photographs.

So what should you expect from photographer prices? Well not magic of course but the bare minimum should be good quality prints and professional work. Photos are meant to last a lifetime and sometimes even beyond a lifetime. It is worth getting a good job done, especially if they are meant to capture a once in a lifetime event.

Photographers use their skills, good equipment and a lot of their time in order to guarantee good results. Photographer prices will take this into consideration. So if you expect good quality, you should also expect it to be included in the photographer price.

There are other factors that determine photographer prices, they include;

– The market. This is the price that other photographers in the area charge. It is used as a guideline because photographers value work differently according to quality of work and equipment.

– The clientele. Some people are willing to pay more for quality and they can afford it, however some can only afford the minimum. Knowing your client helps determine the photographer prices that is affordable for them, without affecting the quality of the work.

– Investment. This is the time you will take to get the whole job done, from the evaluation, preparation, shooting, editing and printing, especially for event work like weddings and graduation. Divide this time by the price and see how much you will earn per hour. See if it is a good return on your investment as you set the photographer price.

– Expenses. This will affect photographer prices because it will be an additional cost to the work. It includes traveling cost, insurance on equipment on location, presentation and packaging.

– Established jobs. This is the number of jobs expected in a given time and the average earnings. This will enable a photographer to make a long term plan and be able to come up with photographer prices that make a return on investment and the job worthwhile.

Generally photography maybe a hobby or a way to make an extra income for some people, but it is serious business for some. Like any business, a lot is invested in it and one would expect returns and a reasonable income to sustain living. So photographer prices may seem exorbitant and unjustified, but any business with no returns is not worth undertaking.

No matter how much you may enjoy doing something, you will only be motivated to do it for long a long time if you can earn from it. Photographers may not like setting prices and most end up undervaluing their work, but good photographs will set good photographer’s prices.

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