3 Under Cabinet Spice Racks To Choose From – Free Up Your Counter Now

Many of you are pretty tired of having to open up your cupboards, and rummage around for your spices, and that is why you need to get yourself some under cabinet spice racks to hold your spices. They will be out of the way and easy access all at once.

There are tons of under cabinet spice racks out there; however, these 3 listed below are some of the better ones out there:

Magnetic Under Cabinet:

Have you ever had a magnetic knife holder that hangs on the wall next to your fridge or stove? Well, if you have this is pretty much what this is, except it goes under the cabinet, and the special magnetic bottles are held in place by a magnetic strip.

Spice Stack:

The spice stack racks are pretty cool; they are basically a specially made set of draws that allow you to store lots of spice bottles in a very compact area.

There are usually 3 draws, that will store 8 smaller spice bottles; that is a total of 24 different spices you can store in just one compact rack.

This can be easily stored inside your cupboard, or under your cabinets; either way they are easily accessible by just pulling out a draw, and letting it slide down so you can get the spice bottles.

Pull Down Spice Rack:

These are great under cabinet spice racks; they basically mount on to the bottom of your cupboards, and act like a hidden trap door.
Whenever you need some spices, you just pull the door down and there your spices will be. There are normally 2 shelves to hold your spices on, and depending on the size of your spice bottles, you should be able to hold quite a bit.

The main feature of this type of spice rack is the fact that your company will not even be able to see it, thus creating the appearance of an uncluttered kitchen.

Now that you have read this article, you know of 3 different Under Cabinet Spice Racks that you can get to store your spices. You can go for the magnetic spice rack, the spice stack, or the pull down spice rack. Either one is going to help you store your spices in an out of the way fashion. And you will never have to rummage through your cupboards for your spices again.

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