3 Things You Need To Make Sure Every Wedding Photography Contract Has

When it comes to hiring someone, make sure you have a contract. That means, if you want photos done at the wedding, make sure you have a wedding photography contract as well. This will protect both you and the photographer from try to mislead one another. After you read this article, you will know at least 3 things that must be in the contract to make it fair to all parties.

Time spent:

Time spend really has more than 1 meaning. First off it means a certain amount of time that the photographer is going to spend taking pictures.

And it also means if they will go to more than 1 location. For example; let’s say you had the photographer booked for 4 hours. And he spend 1 hour before the ceremony taking pictures. And then the ceremony lasted an hour, and then an after the ceremony with everyone leaving. That is a total of 3 hours.

However in the contract there is nothing saying he will go to more than 1 location. So he packs up and goes back to his studio.

In the mean time you assumed since he had an hour left he would take pictures on your reception. However, the contract only said 4 hours, and didn’t mention a 2nd location, so you ended up with no pictures for your reception.

Photo Type:

There are many types of photos, candid, group, “story” pictures. Make sure you tell the photographer which kinds of pictures you want. Plus then there are the double exposure and the fancy types as well. These usually drive the price up quite a bit, but if you want them, make sure you let him know.


When it comes right down to it, all the stuff you ask for in your photo packages, will come up to some sort of price. Make sure that this is agreed upon in the contract before you give the ok. If you don’t, they might make up some price afterwards, and give you a bunch of add ins that they had to do, which jacked up the price.

Now that you have read this article, you understand 3 things that must be in all wedding photography contracts, and if they aren’t, it could cause troubles in the end. Remember to always have time spent, and amount of locations that the photos will be taken at. Agree upon the types of photos that will be taken, and the total cost of the entire package put together. If you leave any of these 3 out of your contract, you could spell disaster for you.

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