20 Questions to Ask Your Photographer as Part of Your Wedding Photography Checklist

There are many questions to ask your photographer as part of your wedding photography checklist, however, these 20 are up front, and very important. After you go through this list, you might think of some more that you will need to ask, feel free to write all these questions down, and yours too, so that you won’t forget any when the time comes to hire your wedding photographer.

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Listed below are 20 important questions that you need to ask your photographer before you book them, just to make sure you are getting exactly what you want, and need for your wedding.

1. What kind of photos do you specialize in?

2. Do you use a film or digital camera?

3. Do you have any samples of your work?

4. How long have you been a wedding photographer?

5. How many clients have you served?

6. Can I ask your previous clients any questions?

7. Will there be other photographers with you?

8. How about any assistants?

9. What photo packages do you offer?

10. What are the prices of these packages?

11. How many locations will you shoot at?

12. What does it cost for additional locations?

13. Are there any locations that would be great for taking photos?

14. What happens if you have to cancel because of an emergency?

15. If you cannot make it because of an emergency, are there any back up photographers?

16. On my wedding day are there any other appointments you need to honor? Or is mine the only one?

17. Do you provide physical prints? Or just digital prints?

18. Is there a contract we have to sign for your services?

19. Do you have liability insurance in case something happens?

20. How much is it extra if we go over the allotted time?

There might be some more questions that you can think of, if so, then write them down as well, and add it to this list. You are going to want to have this list handy when you go see any photographer prospects. This way you won’t forget anything while you are there, and before you sign any kind of contract. Trying to do it all from memory might be a little too much in such a stressful time.

Now that you have read this article, you understand at least 20 questions that you need to add to your wedding photography checklist; questions that you need to ask your wedding photographer. These questions range from pricing options, to how many photographers, to insurance questions, and even over time questions if the need arises.

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